»Governing Board and Committees

INAS is managed by a Governing Board comprising 11 members, 6 of whom are elected by the membership at the General Assembly under the direction of the nominations committee and a further 5 nominated by their respective region. The Governing Board meet twice a year and oversee strategy and policy on behalf of the membership.

The Governing Board are supported by a number of sub-committees.

Governing Board (2013-2017)

  • President- Jose Amaury Russo (BRA)
  • Secretary General – Barry Holman (USA)
  • Vice President – Robyn Smith (AUS)
  • Treasurer – Karon Swinburne-Nicol (GBR)
  • Technical Officer – Marc Truffaut (FRA)
  • Head of Eligibility – Jan Burns (GBR)
  • INAS Europe – Fausto Pereira (POR)
  • INAS Africa – Lizzie Vogel (RSA)
  • INAS Asia – (Paul) Charnvit Munikanond (THA)
  • INAS Oceania – Wayne Bird (AUS)

INAS Technical Committee (2013-2017)

  • Sports Technical Officer/Chair of the Technical Committee – Marc Truffaut (FRA)

Sports Directors (summer sports) 2013-2017

  • Sport Director Athletics – José Costa Pereira (POR)
  • Sport Director Cricket – Winston Stubbs (RSA)
  • Sport Director Cycling – Rinus Verboom (NED)
  • Sport Director Basketball – vacancy
  • Sport Director Football/Futsal – John Ball (GBR)
  • Sport Director Rowing – Paola Grizzetti (ITA)
  • Sport Director Swimming – Dave Harman (ECU)
  • Sport Director Table Tennis – vacancy
  • Sport Director Tennis – Lesley Whitehead (GBR)

Sports Directors (winter sports) 2015-2018

INAS Eligibility Committee

The Eligibility Committee determine all aspects of policy and procedure regarding eligibility for athletes with an intellectual disability and provide expert guidance on all matters relating to eligibility. 

  • Head of Eligiblity/Chair of Eligibility Committee – Prof. Jan Burns MBE (GBR)
  • Catherine Fayollet (FRA)
  • Sofia Viteri (ECU)
  • Mohammad Vaez (IRA)
  • Knut Dalen (NOR)

INAS Anti Doping Committee

The Anti-Doping and Medical Committee determine all aspects of policy regarding doping control, provide support and guidance to event organisers, and oversee TUE and other administrative procedures.

  • Head of Anti-Doping/Chair Anti-Doping Committee – Trudi Jackson (USA)
  • Dr Bahman Zand (IRA)
  • Dr Matsontso Mathebula (RSA)
  • Julian Soares (BRA)
  • Moni Wekesa (KEN)
  • Justin Lessard (CAN)

INAS Nominations Committee

The Nominations Committee oversee the nomination and election procedures for the Executive Committee Officers.

  • Chair of Nominations Committee – Tracey McCillen (GBR)
  • Annika Walthau (SWE)
  • Maureen Dowds (CAN)
  • David Ip (HKG)
  • Lizzie Vogel (RSA)

INAS Finance Committee

The Finance Committee received financial reports from the Treasurer and advise on all financial matters.

  • Treasurer/Chair of Finance Committee – Karon Nicol (GBR)
  • Amaury Russo (BRA)
  • Wayne Bird (AUS)
  • Nick Parr (Executive Director)

INAS Sports Committees

Please see the individual sports pages for details.