»Governing Board and Committees

Inas is managed by a Governing Board comprising 11 members, 6 of whom are elected by the membership at the General Assembly under the direction of the nominations committee, and a further 5 nominated by their respective region. The Governing Board meet twice a year and oversee strategy and policy on behalf of the membership.

The Governing Board are supported by a number of sub-committees who oversee specific tasks including:

Governing Board Members 2013-2017

To contact a member of the Governing Board, email firstname.lastname@inas.org.

  • Jose Amaury Russo – President
  • Barry Holman – Secretary General
  • Robyn Smith – Vice President
  • Karon Nicol – Treasurer
  • Marc Truffaut – Technical Officer
  • Jan Burns – Head of Eligibility
  • Fausto Pereira – Inas Europe President
  • Lizzie Vogel – Inas Africa President
  • Laura Ling – Inas Asia President
  • Wayne Bird – Inas Oceania President