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4th Open European Indoor Athletics Championships (2009)Inas is an international charity and the recognised International Federation (IOSD) for athletes with an intellectual disability. It is a global organisation that promotes inclusion through sport and is a full member of the International Paralympic Committee representing intellectual disability.

Inas was formed in 1985 and has grown to a membership of more than 70 nations across the World, representing more than 120,000 athletes with an intellectual disability.

“Inas is inspired by a belief that an intellectual disability should not be a barrier to enjoying and being the best in sport. Inas’ vision is that athletes with an intellectual disability across the World have the opportunity to achieve excellence in sport and high-level competition”

We manage an annual programme of more than 15 Regional and World Championship competitions working closely with the International Federations for sport, maintain Regional and World records/rankings, and manage the eligibility process (part of athlete classification) for athletes with an intellectual disability.

“Inas works through its members organisations and partners to change attitudes, create opportunities and develop pathways in sport to ensure that athletes with an intellectual disability can compete at the highest possible level”

Every 4 years we host the Inas Global Games – a celebration of sport for elite athletes with an intellectual disability that includes World Championship competition in 7 sports.

Inas has an office base in England, but is supported by a huge volunteer workforce around the World.

Our activities are entirely funded by fundraising and contributions from our member nations as we do not qualify for state or sport lottery support. You can learn more about how to support Inas on our fundraising page.