»Peter Palos – Hungary

Peter, 25 from Hungary competes in Table Tennis. He’s currently ranked 3rd in the World and recently won Gold in both singles and doubles class at the European Championships in Poland.

Peter says “I got to know about table-tennis at the age of 13. It seemed to me an easy sport. It is only to hit the ball to the other side-I thought”.

When I was 14 years old I went with my mother to the table-tennis training hall of “BVSC” (a sport club in Budapest, Hungary). There I realized that this sport is not so easy”! At first Peter trained twice a week but as time passed this increased to 5 or 6 times a week. “I became obsessed!”

“My greatest result – the one that I am the most proud of – is my gold medals in single and team competition in the French World Championships in 2005. It was a great surprise and the best competition of my life”.

Peter is now aiming for London 2012 would like to help develop table-tennis within Hungarian sport.