Kelly Wren – Australia

Kelly close


Craig Groenewald (South Africa)

craig_butterfly[1] (2)


Tomislav Ivaskovic



Tomoyuki Nagao – Japan



Hartmut Freund – Germany

"I would like to play table tennis every day."


Jessica Lalama – Ecuador

The thing I like most in my life is swimming


Peter Palos – Hungary

Peter Palos
I got to know about table-tennis at the age of 13. It seemed to me an easy sport. Then I went to the table-tennis training hall of “BVSC” (a sport club in Budapest, Hungary). There I realized that this sport is not so easy"!


Stephanie Moore – Great Britain

stephanie moore - gb
"I always try to use determination in training and competition"


Saskia Valentin – Germany

Saskia is hoping to compete in the London 2012 Paralympic Games and says Inas is important to her. “It gives me the opportunity to compete internationally”.


Adam Rahier – Canada

Adam Rahier
Canadian National Swimmer..yes.Canadian National Treasure...yes. That’s the way we see it. Heart and spirit of gold, he’s a gem. Adam has become well know for his philosophy, “try your best and have fun, and you will never be disappointed”.