Inas Moving Forward

Inas Moving Forward

What is ‘INAS Moving Forward’?

‘INAS Moving Forward’ is about ensuring that the organisation is in the best possible position to take advantage of future opportunities.

This includes: raising the profile of sport for people with an intellectual disability in the lead up to the 2012 Paralympic Games, showcasing our athletes and events amongst the World’s media, and ensuring that we maximise our income from fundraising and sponsorship.

It began in January with a detailed consultation with our athletes, member nations, partner organisations, volunteers and potential sponsors.

Using the feedback we received, the first stage of the project was to strengthen the INAS-FID brand, including the website, logo and ‘image’. The new brand identity is now complete and was launched on 1st December 2010.

The second stage was to put in place a strategic fundraising programme, and this began in August 2010.

The final stage of the project is to develop a longer term strategy for the organisation’s development and to address this, the Executive Committee has recently made a series of recommendations on the way forward. These proposals were published in October 2010 in a consultation document.

It is an extremely important document as it explains how we want to develop the organisation in the future, how we can strengthen governance, and most importantly, how we can grow our events programme, membership and activities worldwide so that more people with an intellectual disability can enjoy sport.

The Executive Committee are very keen to hear your thoughts and views on the proposals before their next meeting in November.

Download the consultation document

What if I have questions?

If you have questions or want to talk about the project, then please contact Nick Parr at the INAS Secretariat.