IMG_0287Becoming a member of INAS opens up new opportunities for your athletes and gives your organisation access to a host of events and services to help you grow sport for athletes with an intellectual disability in your country.

Membership of INAS is open to the following categories of organisations:

  • A – National Member Organisations of Sport for people with an intellectual disability
  • B – INAS Regions
  • C- National Federation of sport (where no National Organisation exists, i.e. category A)
  • D – International Federations/Organisations of sport for people with an intellectual disability
  • E – Individual Members

Application Forms and Guidance

INAS Membership Fees 2017/18

  • Category A: $1000USD per nation. A discount will be given to members in developing nations (as defined by the World Bank). 
  • Category B: $1000USD. (A discount will be given to Regions with less than 7 nations in membership. 
  • Category C: $350USD
  • Category D: $2000USD
  • Category E: $75USD

Membership fees are due by 31st March each year. Only nations who have paid their membership fee may enter INAS events or participate in the General Assembly.

Athlete Licensing

To be eligible for INAS competition, athletes should also hold an annual licence ($25 per athlete in 2017).

Licenses should be renewed by 31st March each year.