»Eligibility and Classification

To ensure competition is fair and equal, disability sport uses a system of ‘classification’.
Classification ensures:

  1. That athletes in competition have a recognised disability or ”impairment’ – referred to as primary eligibility.
  2. This impairment has an impact on their sports performance – referred to as sports classification.

Inas manages stage 1 of this process for athletes with an intellectual disability, and supports the International Sports Federations to develop processes to determine stage 2.

Inas has produced a guide to eligibility and classification:

Further guidance including application forms and guidance notes can be found below.

Applying for Primary Eligibility

Information about the eligibility criteria and how to apply for primary eligibility.

Inas Master List

The Inas Master List shows details of eligible and ineligible athletes.

National Eligibility Officers

National Eligibility Officers are resonsible for managing the eligiblity process at a member organisation level. All Inas members should register their NEO with Inas using the form below.

The NEO must be a qualified psychologist, and must not be the person conducting assessments. The NEO should review the athlete eligibility application form and all accompanying reports BEFORE it is sent to the Secretariat to ensure it meets the evidential requirements as set out in the application guidance notes.

Resources and Further Guidance

With support from the British Psychological Society, Inas has developed a series of educational resources to help understanding of the process of athlete classification.

Sports Classification and the IPC Classification Code

As a member of the International Paralympic Committee and as condition of entry to the 2012 Paralympic Games, Inas adopted the IPC Classification Code, which requires the organisation to develop sport-specific classifications systems for athletes with an intellectual disability. This work has been overseen by a joint Inas-IPC working group, and has been supported by a dedicated research team and representatives from International Federations including ITTF.

For more information, visit the sport pages. For more information about the IPC Classification Code, visit the IPC website.