An athlete with an intellectual impairment celebrates winning a medal
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Our vision: Athletes with an intellectual impairment across the world have the opportunity to achieve excellence in sport and high-level competition

Around two per cent of the global population have an intellectual impairment – one of the biggest groups in society.

We are inspired by a belief that an intellectual impairment, autism or Down’s syndrome should not be a barrier to enjoying sport and reaching your potential.

The International Federation for Intellectual Impairment Sport (INAS) helps more than 300,000 of the world’s best athletes compete in a variety of winter and summer sports. These include tennis, basketball, cycling, cricket, and alpine skiing.

INAS organises competitions such as world and regional Championships and manages eligibility and classification, working with other International Federations. Three of the sports on our programme – swimming, athletics and table tennis – feature at the Paralympic Games.

We partner with other sport organisations to develop sports such as taekwondo. We also add new sports to our programme such as equestrian, with an aim to grow the number of athletes and competitions on offer.

We also promote inclusion of people with intellectual impairments in sport and society and are a member of the International Paralympic Committee. Part of our work involves educating our member organisations on eligibility and classification so that they can develop their athlete pool.

INAS was formed in 1986 and has grown to a membership of more than 80 nations across the world. These cover Europe, Africa, Asia, South America, North America and Oceania. For more information visit the history of INAS page.

Every four years we host the INAS Global Games – the world’s largest elite sports event for athletes with an intellectual impairment that features nine sports. For more information visit the Global Games page.

INAS is registered as a charity and is based in Great Britain. We are supported by a huge volunteer workforce around the world.

Our activities are only possible with the help of fundraising and contributions from our member nations. We do not qualify for state or lottery support.

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