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The International Federation for Intellectual Impairment Sport Master List is a list of athletes who can compete at INAS competitions. These are athletes who have completed the athlete eligibility check and can be considered to compete.

Depending on the sport these athletes can then go on to be classified for the Paralympic Games. However this is a separate process carried out by World Para Athletics, World Para Swimming or the International Table Tennis Federation.

How does an athlete get on the Master List?

An athlete who wants to compete at a high level must first contact their national INAS Member organisation. They will then take them through the application and evidence process. This is then sent to the INAS Eligibility Committee.

There are two levels of eligibility – national and international. The Member organisation will help athletes with which level they should be assessed for.

More information about the eligibility process can be found in the eligibility and classification section. 

INAS Master List

INAS Athlete Master List (International)

INAS Athlete Master List (National)

Trial additional eligibility groups

INAS recently launched a trial of additional eligibility groups in INAS competitions. These are for athletes with significant additional impairment – for athletes with an intellectual disability and a further significant impairment. Initially this will be limited to athletes with Down’s syndrome. The second group is for athletes with autism.

More information can be found on the eligibility and classification section.

There is a separate INAS additional eligibility Master List (updated 18.10.2017).