Kirienkova claims historic para Equestrian title

Kirienkova claims historic para Equestrian title

Russia’s Ekatarina Kirienkova has become the first equestrian to win an International Federation for Intellectual Impairment Sport (INAS) title.

Riding Lady Lux, Kirienkova claimed first place in an INAS Para Equestrian Video Competition.

Footage of her and 13 other riders from four countries were submitted for judging in a unique format, designed to make the inaugural competition more accessible to athletes around the world. The horses were required to wear bandages to show the video had not been used in another competition.

Competing in a Grade IV novice A test in a 20×40 arena, the Russian worked with great synergy with her horse to top the rankings with 67.012%.

Sui Watts, a national champion in her native Australia, finished second on Springfield Festivity with 64.770%.

Great Britain’s Oliver Peace (63.730%) was third.

Full results can be found here: First INAS Para Equestrian Video Competition – results

Equestrian was added to the INAS sport programme in 2016 in the form of dressage. The organisation wants to offer the best riders with intellectual impairments the chance to compete regularly.

The video competition featured one medal event but it is hoped that in the future a novice test B, team test, individual Championship test and a freestyle test will be added.

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